Judgment Recovery Center of Maryland  is governed by the highest ethical standards, our agency strictly maintains a policy of integrity, honesty, and professionalism. We are compliant with all State and Federal (FDCPA) collection laws.

You went to court. The court gave you a judgment; they didn't give you YOUR MONEY.

In fact, a judgment doesn't pay your bills.
The defendant doesn't pay you and, in many situations, will actually move and hide from you and your attempts to get YOUR MONEY. 
Somebody took your money. It is YOUR MONEY!
We get your money, you are happy and you have to decide what you are going to spend YOUR MONEY on.

The court awarded you a judgment!

The Debtor has NOT paid you!

So, what do you do now?

Judgment Recovery Center of Maryland  is a leader in and dedicated exclusively to the collection and recovery of court awarded judgments. There are no costs or fees to you, the Creditor, and we get paid only when we succeed and then from proceeds received from the Debtor.


In 2022, JRCM, LLC is proud to announce that we have merged with Dr Skiptracer, The Maryland Leader in Skiptracing, now providing our clients with additional enhanced services.


With over 28 years in business (1995) and over 20 years (2003) dedicated to the recovery of unpaid court awarded judgments, we are in a unique position to locate the debtor, to locate and seize their assets and to convert your uncollected judgments into cash. Our proven record has recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, and in excess of one million dollars in 2022 and $1.5 million in 2023. We welcome the opportunity to convert your unpaid judgments into cash.

IT'S YOUR MONEY! Why Not Get Paid?

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If you are checking out other collectors, make sure to ask the following:

How often do they pay recovered funds? We pay monthly as money is recovered. We don’t take our full share of the judgment first (like some do) and we don’t hold your money until the judgment is fully satisfied (like some do – if they never fully satisfy the judgment, they never pay you a cent).

Do they use an attorney when dealing with the courts? We do since it is required by law.

If you sign an assignment, will they give your judgment back if they are unsuccessful? We have a two-year contract that allows you to get your judgment back for non-performance. If the collector's contract doesn’t have these terms, then you are giving up the ownership of your judgment absolute and they will have no legal obligation to give it back to you – EVER!